Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bar Code Scanners in Daily Life

Barcode scanner has made the cash payment procedure so simple. Just the other day I visited the mall to buy some household items. At the counter they just rubbed the bar code scanner on the items I bought. And came up with the amount payable in an instant. No counting, no recounting, no chance of over-charging or under-charging. Visit for a better idea. You can also find useful stuff on Cash Drawer, and Touch Monitor etc.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Barcode Printer’s Importance in Modern Times

Barcode printer is very useful for an avid book collector like me as it encodes the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and the price. Knowing the ISBN number always helps you to track an old book even when you do not know its name. The same happened to me when I successfully tracked the book “A Compilation of Ukranian Folk Tales” by Uzger Zhenov. My nephew had liked the book and asked for it. I thought for buying him a new copy. But it was a hard task as the book was short of print. However, I gave the ISBN to one shopkeeper, and he ultimately tracked the book to a book shop 15 kms away from my home. So thrilling! In case you want to know more about barcode and barcode printers, then the site might be of good help to you.